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7 Reasons Why We Choose To Use Disposable Nappies

Posted by Micaela Owen on

As owner and designer of BellaBott Nappies I believe there will always be a place for disposable nappies – I use them on occasions as well.

Before you fall off the chair in shock at my above statement, I would like to hope that we don’t judge each other on our personal choices, rather understand the reasoning behind those choices we make.Disposable Nappy

So, this blog I will go through some of the most common reasons why we use disposable nappies.

  1. Convenience
    It is very easy to purchase disposable nappies with the weekly grocery shop, grab a nappy out of the box, put it on your child and then dispose of everything in the bin. No mess. No hassle. Well that is what most people think.
    Did you know you are supposed to dispose poo from your disposable nappy into the toilet?
  2. Thinking it is cheaper
    This is definitely not the case. You can save nearly $2000 over 2 years if you use reusable cloth nappies full time.
    Have you ever looked at how much you are spending per month on disposable nappies? Try it, it is an interesting exercise!
  3. Everyone else uses them
    Sometimes, it is easier to do what the majority of people are doing, after all 95% of Australians use disposable nappies! Everyone wants to be ‘included’.
    Are you happy being like everyone else?
  4. More ‘nappy duty’ help from husband/partner
    I actually have a friend whose husband refused to use reusable cloth nappies so her decision to use disposable nappies was made from this. For her, a few less nappy changes over the weekend was very important.
    My question is … who changes more nappies?
    Has your partner researched anything about using reusable cloth nappies? It really is not that scary.
  5. Easier to deal with poo
    Another misconception. Poo is meant to be flushed down the toilet!
    Have you ever read the fine print on your disposable nappy packaging?
  6. Lack of knowledge
    a. What are Cloth Nappies?
    Most parents and parents-to-be are not given enough quality information about reusable cloth nappies and how far they have come since having to fold a flat terry towelling used in our mother’s and grandmother’s time.

    b. Environmental impact

    Society is becoming more knowledgeable and aware of the environmental impact (we are having) however not enough information is readily marketed about the huge impact that disposable nappies are having on our environment.
    It is actually really scary if you take the time to find out.

    c. Price savings

    Disposable nappies are usually added to the weekly shopping expenditure. Cloth nappies are an upfront cost making it appear like it is a more expensive option when in fact it is not.
  7. Easy to travel with
    Without doubt this is the only reason I choose to use disposable nappies. It is easier for me. I want a holiday that doesn’t entail me running around trying to find a washing machine.

Whether you are starting out with nappies or still have a child in nappies, know that disposables have their merits but also educate yourself to make your own informed decisions about what to use for you, your baby and the environment.

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.BellaBott Mama

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