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Being sleep deprivation sucks!

Posted by Micaela Owen on

People always say “you don’t know what tired is until you become a mother … or a father” 🙂


I recently read this article
“The real mom’s guide to fighting sleep deprivation”
I was so relieved to know that I like other mothers out there are all trying to cope with sleep deprivation in similar ways.
The article has examples of mothers and their real life solutions in dealing with the lack of sleep – I find myself bemused and envious, have a read at http://www.babble.com/mom/fighting-sleep-deprivation/

Before having kids I must admit I LOVED sleep and since having kids I LOVE the thought of sleep and often dream about being asleep. Sometimes it is hard to walk past a bed and not face plant into a deep slumber. I am not going to lie, I wake up some mornings and my first thought of the day is ‘what are we having for dinner,’ my second thought is ‘am I going to get a nap today’.

Being sleep deprived sucks!

The last time I had a full night sleep was about 5 years ago … when I fell pregnant my bladder became the size of a jelly bean and then I had a baby and then another and another. Talk about sucker for punishment.

How do I deal with sleep deprivation, 3 kids under 4 years of age and running a business …

  • Have a routine and allow flexibility. My aim for every single day is to get 3 kids resting/sleeping in a lunch time nap – this allows me to
    a) jump on the bed for a nap or
    b) get some much-needed kid free time or
    c) get work done.
  • I ALWAYS have a shower first thing in the morning. This not only wakes me up but gives me energy for the day. If I don’t have a shower as soon as I roll out of bed my day is disorganised, run by the kids and definitely less productive. More often than not, I do have the 3 kids in the shower with me.
  • I never wake a sleeping baby unless I absolutely have to or if I think it is going to effect the night time sleep.
  • I jump on the bed whenever I can. This is especially important when I have a newborn.
  • Go to bed early at night. I often don’t listen to my own advice here…my eyes could need tooth picks to hold them open and yet I sit on the couch, stare blankly at the TV and not think about ANYTHING.
  • Be creative in resting my eyes when I absolutely need it.
    For example, my two eldest were asleep but Ollie was not so I closed my bedroom door (the safest place in my house as it literally only has a bed in it), got a stack of toys for him to play with, put my head on a pillow on the ground and had a much-needed 20min. It may have been an interrupted sleep with some hair pulling and climbing over but it gave me the energy to keep moving.
  • Wake up and keep going. Remember who I am, why I am doing what I am doing, what I want to achieve, what I want for my kids and realise that the kids will grow up. There will be sleep for me one day!
  • Ask for help. I don’t really have the luxury of family members around the corner but when I do drive out to my parents’ farm I make sure I get some more time on the bed. I like to think I can store sleep.

Here is my wish for you … have a wonderful sleep tonight. May your baby/children sleep for 10+ solid hours.

Will we ever win this battle? We do know that our children will grow up one day.

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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