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Don’t become a Finger Poo Painter!

Posted by Micaela Owen on

We learn to point at a very young age.
Our index fingers are often the first point of contact when coming into contact with something, whether it be to pick up or feel an object.

So, it makes perfect sense to put your index finger inside a nappy to see if your child has left a warm surprise …

Finger poo painting
How many have done this?

I have certainly done this!
I pick my baby up and smell something … take a squiz … can’t see anything so stick my finger in and it comes out not-so-clean.
WHY do I keep doing that?
As much as I try to not do it, I think it must be instinctual … it happens before I even think about it!
You think I would learn from error number 1 but NO! I won’t say it happens weekly but I do catch myself doing it now and again and wonder what I was thinking.

No longer can I excuse myself with saying ‘Rookie error’
Perhaps I am not too bright sometimes.

My advice to you … don’t become a finger poo painter. Keep your fingers to yourself. If you think there could be a surprise, take the time to change the nappy.

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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