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Posted by Micaela Owen on

The long wait is over … Bellabott Papa has finally got off his backside to help spread the word not only about this amazing product but also about all things parenting … yes, even sharing life in my shoes as a father.

Why don’t we talk about what it means to be in the fathers’ shoes …

The word ‘underrated’ comes to mind. No, I’m not talking about me being underrated. I’m talking about me sometimes taking my beautiful wife and mother to my three kids, for granted.

My wife is truly an amazing person.
The role of a mother is like being a jack of all trades and needing to be the master of everything.
To name only a few …

  • a teacher,
  • a negotiator or mediator depending on the battle my daughters have going,
  • cleaner,
  • laundromat for our 10 loads of washing a day. No, literally its 10 loads a day!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that mothers don’t have it easy when we go off to work!
We may think that we are the harder worker, but we are not.
Our wives on the other hand, have probably been up at least 3-4 times during the night. For some reason, our daughters cannot possibly find the toilet in the night but they do manage to walk past it to get to our room. Then of course, they can’t find their way back to their own beds!

My wife, and not doubt any other mother’s typical day goes as follows.
Get up, rush like mad to wash, dress and feed the clan before making the Kindy run, then come home to a trashed house because our kids like all kids love to pull all toys out, play for 5 seconds and leave it where it hits the floor!!!
All morning it is tidy and clean-up, then it’s lunch time and 4 loads of washing later, it is off to kindy again before getting home in time to hit the 3 hour window of madness! The window is liking walking into Tokyo train station … absolute chaos. Its dinner time and a constant battle to keep everyone happy and well-fed. Then it's bath, story and bed … oh and then maybe my wife and I get to eat before 8pm!

So, before we working fathers complain about having a bad day, let’s not forget our wives and help out a little around the house.
Throw a load of washing on or sit in front of the tv and fold the 10 baskets of washing or cook dinner or wash up.
Just do something to help out around the house and relieve some of the huge workload your wife has to deal with everyday!

Please feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

BellaBott Papa

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