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Here is one VERY BIG Mistake … Using Synthetics

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Deciding to use cloth nappies can be confusing and a confused person often does NOTHING.

One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing what cloth nappy to purchase is what nappy fabric will be against baby’s skin. After all, your baby’s bottom is a sensitive area.

Let’s debunk the use of Synthetic Fabrics against your baby’s bottom.

More often than not when you start your cloth nappy research you will come across names such as microfiber, suedecloth, microfleece and micro terry to name a few.
All these fabrics are made from polyester which is petroleum based, man-made and a non-renewable material.
Did you know that polyester and plastic have a common ingredient?
Often these synthetic fabrics are used as the layer against baby’s skin. Just be aware!

So, why are Synthetic Fabrics used?

It is widely recognised that synthetic fabrics3704592172_2f816e84f3_o

  • Have a remarkable stay-dry feeling;
  • Are durable;
  • Versatile and;
  • Dries quickly

However, it is not commonly known that synthetic fabrics are

  • More inclined to create nappy rash
  • Harder to clean as they often retain smells and stains
  • Non-renewable material
  • Petroleum based fabric
  • Harder to breathe through e.g. a nappy is more likely to retain heat from being soiled.
  • Does not hold liquid under pressure as well as natural fibres – it wicks moisture away but lets go of the moisture if squashed/sat on
  • Absorbs the baby’s natural oils and moisture therefore causing dry skin.

While synthetic fabrics offer some very attractive benefits, here at BellaBott, we believe that it should never be placed against your baby’s skin and that is why we only Bamboo fabrics.

To find out more about the natural fabric alternatives read next week’s blog.

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

BellaBott Mama

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