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Is it a BIG Mistake to not consider using Cloth Nappies?

Posted by Micaela Owen on

I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion and decision. I am definitely okay if someone chooses to use disposables nappies and not cloth nappies. I respect each one of our personal choices.

Cloth nappies have to be a good fit for you, your family and your sanity!

I do believe too many people are not making informed decisions about the benefits of cloth nappies because disposables are sooo easy.
There are advantages to using cloth nappies in your home, whether full-time, part-time or occasionally.

Modern Cloth NappiesFor instance using cloth nappies

  1. Saves you $$$!
    Approximately $2,000 over 2 years
  2. Looks after the environment!
    Reduces your ecological footprint by approximately 40%
  3. Reduces and prevents nappy rash!
    If you choose only natural fibres against baby’s skin, the risk is of nappy rash is minimal.
  4. There are considerable health advantages as your baby is not exposed to toxic chemicals found in the absorbency layers of disposable nappies.

So if fear of the unknown is stopping you from using cloth nappies in your home then take a leap of faith and buy a couple of nappies to test them.
Make your own judgment call.
Make an informed decision and not just the ‘easy’ option.
You don’t know unless you give it a go!

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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