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Leaving a nappy on too long can lead to nappy rash

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Are you guilty of sometimes leaving a nappy on too long?

Did you know … one of the biggest causes of nappy rash is leaving a wet and a dirty nappy on your child for too long!

What is nappy rash?
Also known as diaper dermatitis, occurs when a child in nappies gets a skin irritation in the nappy area. It often is bright red, raw and spotty to look at. It can cause your child to become irritable and unsettled as it can be sore and/or itchy.

Some of the causes of nappy rash include –

  • Infrequent changing of a soiled nappy
  • Non-breathable pants/nappies – disposables although wicking away moisture do not allow a child’s bottom to breathe because of the high content of plastic
  • Too much acid in urine
  • Not completely drying the skin, especially in the creases
  • Disposable nappies – some children cannot wear disposables as they are extremely sensitive to the synthetic fabric and the chemical reaction that occurs within the nappy when urine penetrates the nappy
  • Synthetic fibres against baby’s skin – many reusable cloth nappies have synthetic material which sits against the skin
  • Teething – some babies develop a form of nappy rash when they are teething

Here are some tips on how to prevent, relieve and resolve the rash:

  • Change your baby’s nappy regularly – your aim is to always have a clean nappy on, so change the nappy as soon as it is soiled
  • Do not use standard nappy wipes – the most common nappy wipes in the market are so full of chemicals that they only irritate the nappy rash and are uncomfortable for your child when wiping
  • Use a natural baby wipe like Bambure Baby Wipes (coming soon to our shop) or cloth washer with warm water to wipe your baby’s bottom with each nappy change
  • Apply a barrier cream thickly at each nappy change – plain white zinc is a great example as it is hard to wipe off therefore preventing moisture from reaching the skin
  • Have nappy free time – this will allow the skin to be kept dry and be aired
  • Give your baby’s bottom sometime in the early morning sun – the sun is a wonderful healer (in summer between 8am-10am and in winter 9am-11am)
  • Don’t use talcum powder on your baby – there has been some suggestions that talcum powder continuously applied to genital areas may lead to ovarian cancer
  • Use reusable nappies with natural fibres against skin – BellaBott Nappies only have bamboo against the skin which is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial material
  • Minimise disposable nappy use – the plastic and chemical construction of the nappy are not beneficial

While it is great to know what to do when your child has nappy rash it is just as important to prevent it from occurring. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, a nappy rash will pop up and with time and a little bit of help it will disappear.

If the nappy rash is not responding to treatment and you are worried please see your local doctor.

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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