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Oh No … my child doesn’t come with instructions!

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Having a baby is like a shopping experience at IKEA.

We spend hours on the internet researching everything about a product but until we get to IKEA we just don’t know. When we walk through the IKEA doors we get distracted and forget what we came for. We purchase other things, question our knowledge, get confused, get lost and when eventually we walk our way out the maze. We get home and find that the instructions are not in the box …

We spend 9mths + getting ready for the arrival of our cherubs.
Reading, listening, asking, watching, judging … hours spent researching everything from being pregnant, to the birth, to what to do with a newborn and how to raise a respectable, happy and healthy child.
When it comes to parenting … we will always get distracted, forget what the real issue is, find other things to research, question our knowledge, get confused, get lost and when eventually we walk our way out of our heads and then, we realise that we don’t have instructions and they would be awesome.Frustrated Mother

Nothing can prepare us for the moments of confusion, unknowingness, helplessness and fear …

Why is my baby crying?
When will I get some sleep?
How do I swaddle correctly?
Am I doing it right?
What am I not doing right?
Why won’t my baby just burp?
Has my baby eaten enough?
My baby just vomited what seems like the entire feed…do I need to feed again now?
How do I know my little darling has eaten enough?
Should I wake the baby?
How early do I need to start reading to my baby?
Soooo many nappy changes
Please burp already
Do I have a screw loose?
The neighbour’s newborn is sleeping through…why isn’t my baby doing that?
Where do I find the 1800help button?

We have so many questions when becoming a parent!
Some applicable general instructions for every child would certainly be helpful. For example…to remove all wind place baby over the shoulder and pat baby’s back lightly 10 times. Your baby will be fully burped – no more wind issues … Keep dreaming people … the fact is EVERY baby is different!

What should you do in times of uncertainty? …

  • Listen to your own intuition/instinct. As time passes you will get to know your baby.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Listen to advice but don’t feel obligated to use it
  • Don’t feel judged and;
  • Trust yourself

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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