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One of the Biggest Mistakes we make just for Convenience

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Convenience … “the state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty”

We all want convenience!

However, the biggest mistake we make for convenience is choosing to dry reusable cloth nappies with a dryer, as opposed to drying them on the clothes line.

The sun is phenomenal! It’s also free and available.sunset-seen-through-hands-in-heart-shape (1)

The sun …

  • naturally bleaches the pooy nappy stains – direct sunlight
  • is an antibacterial agent
  • has minimal wear and tear on elastic and fabric
  • a money saver and;
  • reduces your ecological footprint by 40%

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for dryers. I most certainly use my dryer on the not so friendly drying outside days – raining, cold winters and overcast days.

For me, the sun has so many more benefits that I overlook the convenience of the dryer and take the extra few minutes to hang my BellaBott nappies on the line to dry. 

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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