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Reasons why Absorbency is so Important in Modern Cloth Nappies

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Is your modern cloth nappy absorbing all the pee and poo? Without absorbency, it simply would be a disaster.

I think we all agree that absorbency is critical to the success of a nappy.
When buying a modern cloth nappy, the quality and quantity of the absorbency layers needs to be determined by 3 main reasons:Absorbency Inserts for cloth nappies

  1. Leakages
    Lack of quality and quantity with absorbency will always lead to leakages … and we all would rather not have leakages? Leakages are messy, unwanted and sometimes at the most inconvenient times such as when you are trying to get out the front door.With any leakage, you will not only have to change the nappy but often the entire outfit. I have almost cried on several occasions … here is my child looking oh so beautiful in their Sunday best ready to be shown off and then have to be changed into what seems like second best in comparison. Boo hoo.And if you are having a doozy of a day (sometimes this happens no matter how absorbent your nappy) you may find yourself running out of clothes or grabbing clothes from an older child. Have you had moments where your dashing young man looks like a beautiful princess for part of the day or your precious baby girl looks like a dinosaur rapper?
  2. Comfort
    It goes without saying that your child will be far more comfortable having great absorbency within their modern cloth nappy. Imagine yourself sitting in a pool of pee … or worse, have poo squished pushed into your private parts – not a pleasant thought.
  3. Frequency of changes
    The less absorbent a nappy is the more frequent you will need to change your child … and vice versa … the more absorbent a nappy the less frequent you will need to change your child.

Before you go out and start looking for the most absorbent modern cloth nappy on the market, it is important to realise that this may not be the best option. Balance is key. Yes … you want a nappy that is going to be absorbent enough to not have leakages but you also don’t want too much absorbency so that your child is sitting in pee for an entire day all because it can absorb ‘x’ amount of liquid.
Urinary tract infections, especially for girls, can be triggered by extended exposure to urine against the skin.

Key things to consider when looking at absorbency in modern cloth nappies

  • Absorbency material (in order of absorbency ability)
    • Bamboo – fleece, french terry, jersey or velour. Fleece and french terry being the more absorbent within the bamboo range.
    • Microfibre – synthetic material that should not be against baby’s skin
    • Hemp – fleece and french terry. French terry being more absorbent than fleece
    • Cotton – velour and terry
    • Flannel
    • Flannelette
  • Ability to add absorbency layers easily (see BellaBott Absorbency Layers)
  • Ability to manoeuvre absorbency layers within the nappy to where it is required. For example – boys and tummy sleepers tend to need more absorbency at the front of the nappy. Pocket modern cloth nappies and All in One (AIO) modern cloth nappies traditionally do not have the ability to manoeuvre absorbency layers – so keep this in mind if you are looking at these styles of modern cloth nappies.

At BellaBott, our nappies and absorbency layers are only made with a high-quality bamboo french terry.
We believe bamboo wins the race hands down when it comes to being a perfect nappy material – super absorbent, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-deodorising and soft to touch. Not to mention being a natural fibre that wicks away moisture, it allows the nappy to breathe and is thermal regulating. For those with sensitive skin – a MUST!

Feel free to share as this may help someone with their decision.

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