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Should I use Nappy Liners?

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Are you wondering why people are recommending using nappy liners?
Initially, I never saw the need to use nappy liners and in fact thought it was another money making gimmick. The fact is, it does make sense and I now love them!liners - square

Nappy liners simply sit against your baby’s skin and act as a poo catcher. The intention is to catch the poo on the liner so that poo can be lifted out of the nappy and disposed of down the toilet without having to deal with poo smears over the nappy.
Easier nappy changes.
Easier clean-up.

The 2 main benefits of using nappy liners are;

  1. Urine can pass through the nappy liner and improve the sensation of a drier bottom.
  2. Catches most of the poo so that it can be flushed down the toilet with ease.

This is what converted me into a nappy liner lover! As my babies began eating solid foods – the less I have to clean poo from the actually nappy the better.

Using nappy liners on newborns are not as effective with catching the poo. Newborn poo tends to be very runny and harder to catch. Nappy liners will definitely make it easier to clean the nappy but you will find you still need to rinse the nappies after most poos.
There are 4 types of nappy liners on the market

  1. Reusable
    Reusable nappy liners can be made from cotton, polyester, fleece and silk.
    I have never used reusable nappy liners so cannot comment on which material is better but I would be anti-polyester against the skin.
    Personally, I cannot see the advantage of buying reusable nappy liners. While reusable nappy liners are the best option in terms of protecting our environment, I think they are an unnecessary add-on as they don’t reduce the mess or clean-up of changing a nappy.If you are wanting to save money then reusable is the best option for you. Be prepared to get your hands a little dirtier as you will need to scrape the poo off yourself and then rinse as needed.
  2. Disposable
    Disposable nappy liners cannot be flushed down the toilet. Poo will need to be tipped into the toilet and then the liner disposed of in the bin. It is questionable as to whether disposable nappy liners actually make a difference in the cleaning process because I would assume that you would rinse the liner before placing in the bin. To me, you might as well save the money and use the cloth nappy as is – tip poo into the toilet and rinse.
  1. Biodegradable
    Biodegradable nappy liners are a great option, however if you have no intention of putting it in your compost heap then most likely you are paying for an over-priced disposable nappy liner. While the thought is that it will decompose as landfill, this will not happen as landfill does not have oxygen, light and water to assist in decomposing anything. Even fruit and vegetables struggle to decompose in landfill for this very reason.
  2. Flushable
    For me, the real benefit is with flushable nappy liners. Nothing can beat a thin tissue like piece of fabric that catches the poo and can go down the toilet – minimal clean up in my opinion!

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