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SIX Ways to know when I need to change my baby’s Nappy

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Whether you use disposable or cloth nappies, you should always change your 2016-03-07 11.21.29
baby’s nappy regularly.
As a general rule of thumb change your baby

  • On waking
  • Before or after feed time
  • Before putting to sleep or bed

If you don’t know how to tell if a Nappy needs to be changed, here are six indicators:

  1. Smell Poo or Pee
    Newborn or Toddler – Sweet or Stinky, you will smell when your baby has done a poo. If you have a sensitive nose then you too will smell urine. Once you get the ‘nose’ for it, it is hard to not smell poo or pee.
  2. Gently feel the front of the nappy for fullness or warmth
    If it has been awhile between nappy changes or perhaps your baby does monster wees, then place your hand on the front of the nappy and by gently squeezing, you will feel it full or slightly stiff, or even warm if they have just weed.
    Another tip is to feel what a clean nappy feels like on and then feel the difference with a wet one on. It is very different.
  3. Crying Baby
    Some babies do not like wearing a soiled nappy – urine or poo! Would you?
  4. Wetness indicator
    Some newborn and infant disposable nappies have a wetness indicator down the middle of the nappy which turns a different colour when wet. With this indicator it certainly makes it easier to identify a wet nappy and hard to ignore an even slightly wet nappy.
  5. Looks droopy
    If your baby’s nappy is drooping or sagging, either you need to practice your nappy skills or their nappy needs to be changed immediately because the weight of the contents is showing in the sag.
  6. Taking the nappy off
    Sometimes you may just have to undo a nappy to determine whether it needs changing or not.

Changing your baby’s nappy regularly will help to prevent nappy rash and while it can be a ‘task’ it is an important one.

Feel free to share if this may help someone you know.

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