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The 2 Thieves that stole the Perky Breasts

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Once upon a time there were 2 perky breasts that were mostly normal looking, relatively perky, firm and feminine.

The first thief (pregnancy) came to the window and stayed for 9 months. During this time, the perky breasts grew and grew (perhaps a few cup sizes). The woman then gives birth to a beautiful child. HOORAY!

The women doesn’t know if she will breastfeed or not – it doesn’t really matter as her once perky breasts are shrinking before her eyes.

She looks down and realises that the 2 thieves are running down the street with her voluptuous perky breasts. The further the thieves run, the more her breasts are deflating. Cue balloon slowly being released of air.

The thieves escape but not without their loot. The woman’s perky breasts are GONE!
perky breasts

If she has more than 1 child she will be robbed by 4 + thieves.

Her breasts are now the’new’ normal looking – saggy, loose, small and completely deflated.

She hopes life will flow through her matured breasts again.

Perhaps it will. Perhaps it won’t.

Only time will tell.


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