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The Figures … this really surprised me

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Are you sitting at home most probably googling everything you need to know about why you need to buy modern cloth nappies, the advantages, disadvantages, evaluating your values and beliefs.
Is it possible?
Can I do it?
More stress?
Extra work?
Is it really necessary?
Is it better for my child’s health?
And most likely wishing someone could tell you what to do …

I was 8 months pregnant with my first child when I decided to do exactly what you are doing now. I know I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching and sometimes re-reading information to myself and to my husband.
I just really hoped I would have some sort of divine intervention that would push me into the ‘right’ decision. Looking back, the truth is I think I already knew what I wanted.
It was the fear of the unknown that sprouted doubt into my already jam-packed, hormone frenzied brain because I just wanted to do what was ‘right’.
Why do we add unnecessary stress and pressure on ourselves and for what benefit? Stupid really.

Anyway, I googled and googled and googled some more and I remember being awestruck with the savings that was on offer if or when I was to join the reusable cloth nappy club.

Let me keep these figures simple with some basic assumptions so that you too can easily see one of the reasons why I became a cloth nappy groupy.

Let’s assume you change your baby at the average rate of

  • 12 nappies per day for the first 2 months ($0.30 per nappy)
  • 8 nappies per day for the next 10 months ($0.40 per nappy – as size increases so does price)

Disposable Nappies (approximate figures only)
12 nappies/day (2 months)   =      672 nappies x $0.30 = $201.60
8 nappies/day(10 months)   =   2,464 nappies x $0.40 = $985.60

Total disposable nappies for 12 months    =   3,136 nappies
Total Cost Per Year    = $1,187.20

BellaBott Nappies
18 Multi Fit nappies ($32.95 per nappy) = $ 593.10

Total Cost for the year  = $593.10

You could  SAVE $594.10 with BellaBott in year one

Long Term Outcome
Disposables for 12 months = $1,187.20
Year 2 = $1,168.00
Total for 2 years = $2,355.00


18 BellaBott Multi Fit Nappies for 12 months = $  593.10
Year 2 = $       0.00
Total for 2 years  = $ 593.10

You could  SAVE $1,761.90 with BellaBott over 2 years

The savings shown above are only with one child imagine the savings if you have more!

Plus, these savings do not take into account the further discount that may be made with package deals.

An important note:  there doesn’t need to be any extra washing costs in relation to your cloth nappies … instead wash them with your everyday baby clothes (check out my washing tips). It really is that simple!

The choice is Yours…and I think it is a great one with reusable nappies especially if money is a factor in your decision making process.

Have you thought about the long term savings associated with using modern cloth nappies?

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know make their decision.

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