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The good, the bad and … my recommendation

Posted by Micaela Owen on

What is it that you are looking for when choosing a modern cloth nappy?

reusable nappies
Without writing an essay about all these key points I will split this information across several blogs.

This blog is dedicated to discussing the ‘fit’ of a BellaBott modern cloth nappy.

I have made two different types of sized nappies

  • A fitted nappy – much like a disposable as you buy the nappies based on weight range
  • A multi fit nappy which grows with your baby due to adjustable clips.

BellaBott Fitted Nappy will fit your child’s bottom perfectly at any age therefore always looking super duper cute!
The better the fit of the nappy, the less likely you will experience leakages.
I personally use fitted nappies because there is less bulk on my baby’s bottom. I then moved into Multi-Fits at around 7-8mths old. This is my personal preference.

BellaBott Multi Fit Nappy will grow with your child from baby to toddler – a fantastic savings alternative!
To accommodate the width of a toddler’s bottom the multi fit will be noticeably bulky on your newborn, so I recommend these options:

  1. Team your Multi Fit with a BellaBott Newborn Nappy.
    Nothing is more adorable than your newborn’s bottom being enveloped in a nappy that is perfectly sized for their tiny derrière.
    as well as
  2. Purchase smaller Absorbency Inserts. This will reduce the unnecessary bulk. Smaller sized absorbency inserts won’t be wasted as they can always be used to increase the absorbency level of your nappy, especially if being used as a night time nappy.

Whether you buy a fitted nappy or a multi fit nappy it doesn’t really matter as BellaBott nappies have been designed to snugly fit your child’s legs and across the back – no matter what size your baby is.

Overtime I have found that when you have a quality product, the real skill is knowing how to correctly fit to your baby’s body.

Check out this short little video demonstrating how to correctly fit a BellaBott nappy on your child. 


You can also find it on the website under Advice or on our YouTube Channel.

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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