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The Jury has Spoken … Kids at day care get sick more often

Posted by Micaela Owen on

It is widely expected that as soon as you send your children to any form of childcare or day care, that they will catch every sickness that happens to walk down the street.

Yep, kids at day care get sick more often.

My FACT: “sickness preys on our children”
If ‘sickness’ could be prosecuted, I dare say it would never see the light of day again. IF ONLY.

kids at day care get sick more often

With the year almost over I can now confidently say that kids at day care get sick more often. Not that I would change our situation but the sickness that kids get from hanging out in a communal environment is completely and utterly overrated!!!

My perfect little health bubble was pricked ever so rudely when we started at kindy because prior to this, the kids were home full-time.

Snot nose, hand foot and mouth, measles, headaches, vomiting, high fevers, school soars, diarrhoea … you name it, someone in the kindy has had it and it has been kindly shared with our family. On top of this, the younger siblings seem to take longer to recover.

Apparently you have to be grateful for these sicknesses. Studies indicate that the more sickness our children experience in the early years, the stronger their immune system will be in the later years.
Something to look forward to.
I’ll look back on these days and count my lucky stars for having such mega immune children.
So with that … I have prepared my ‘thank you speech’

“To the window
to the wall
to the spew I’ve caught in my hands (my hands)
to all these f*d up germs (germs)
to all the sleepless nights (motherf*r!) all snot snot on my walls (god damn)
to all the hot hot heads (mother*r!) thank you thank you thank you

Thank you sickness and goodnight”

Feel free to share, as this may make someone laugh.

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