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What Baby Wipes do I Buy?

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Who would have thought that choosing baby wipes could be so difficult for some of us?
For some, it is easy, for others like me it may be a little more of a process to deciding what baby wipe is right.
For me, there were 4 main priorities that I searched for when considering my baby wipe options.

  1. The Chemical content
    Unfortunately most, if not all popular baby wipes on the market are full of chemicals. You really need to go looking for baby wipes that are more natural and non-toxic than the generic brands.
    Baby wipes can contain numerous nasty chemicals that should be avoided such as Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1-2-dil and Fragrances.
    If you are interested in reading more … MyNonToxicBaby.com.au wrote a great blog about chemicals in baby wipes and reviewed many brands on the market. http://www.mynontoxicbaby.com.au/baby-wipes-safe-chemicals-baby-wipes/
  2. The Cost
    Choosing more natural products often can be more costly. There is always a sacrifice somewhere and for me I like to try and get the best of both worlds.
  3. The Odour
    I have a sensitive nose and do not like most artificially smelling products. In fact smelling the combination of certain baby wipes and baby poo, for me is not pleasant at all! I have thrown full packets of baby wipes out because of this.
  4. The Dispensing system
    Flip lids or sticky seals? I have used both over the years and the flip lids win every time. Sticky seals lose the stick therefore drying out the wipes quickly.

For me, I have used many different baby wipes over the years and I keep returning to Bambure Natural Baby Wipes (only because I don’t like the smell of the Bambure bamboo wipes). Bambure Baby Wipes tick most of my boxes.

You can now buy Bambure Natural Baby Wipes in the BellaBott Shop.

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