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When to start using Modern Cloth Nappies

Posted by Micaela Owen on

I have created a fun little video that summarises my thoughts on when you can start using modern cloth nappies. Take a squiz here ….


If you are not into videos, continue reading and let me enlighten you on some of my experiences that may provide you with some clarity in your decision-making process. 

For me, I started as soon as my baby came home from hospital because I knew that was what I wanted to do. It definitely helped that I had my mother at home helping with each new arrival and who was very familiar with cloth nappies having used them on her 5 kids. In saying that, I started with the old school square terry toweling which is a bit like learning origami and then progressed into modern cloth nappies. 

I honestly believe that there is no right or wrong time for when you can begin your journey with modern cloth nappies. You can start using cloth nappies as early or late as you want. It is important to do what is best for you, your baby and your sanity.

Some facts you may not be aware of …
A newborn needs 8 -12 nappy changes per day. That’s approximately 672 disposables nappies in the first 2 months. I don’t know about you but when I think about these numbers it still surprises me even though I can change my newborn’s nappy up to 16 times in a day. That may sound like a lot but it is one of the first things we as mothers check when our baby is crying and if the nappy is slightly wet I change it. Some newborns just hate a wet nappy whether wearing disposable or modern cloth nappies! 
Having had 3 children I can assure you that while you are continuously changing their nappies, you do also get to look at their beautiful faces, in fact the change table is one of the first places your baby will smile back at you. 
If we assume disposable nappies are at least 30c per nappy then you will have spent $201 in the first 2 months of your child’s life. It really is crazy to think how much money could be spent on disposable nappies in your child’s nappy time. Please don’t reach for the calculator if you plan to use disposables, the end costing will be frightening – not another stress you deserve right now!

So deciding to use cloth from the start, whether part time or full time, it does make great economic sense to consider buying BellaBott nappies because just paying for 2 months of disposables equals 6 BellaBott Multi Fit nappies.

Buying Multi Fit nappies will ease the pressure on your bank account in the long term because the nappy will grow with your baby but you may find that you are waiting weeks or even months for a snug fit on your newborn, particularly if they are premmie. I did post pictures of my latest newborn in a BellaBott Newb
orn nappy and a BellaBott Multi Fit nappy on Facebook in August 2015 so you can see how well they fit.reusable nappies

If you think that putting your newborn in a Multi Fit nappy could be an issue for you then consider purchasing some Newborn sized nappies along with Multi Fit nappies so that your newborn’s little bootie remains cutie patootie.

I completely understand that some of you may be hesitant when it comes to modern cloth nappies for many different reasons and as a mother I hope to be able to give you trustworthy information and discussions through my blog for you to be able to make informed decisions as a parent. With that, the best advice I can give you, like all things in life, weigh up the pros and cons for your personal situation and yours only.

When did you start using cloth nappies or when do you hope to start? 

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know with their decision. 

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