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When you go on holidays with young kids … does it ever feel like a holiday?

Posted by Micaela Owen on

I would definitely be stretching the truth if I said that holidays with young kids is relaxing.

Last week I gave myself a weeks break from the business. Sorry about missing last week’s blog!
We went on a beach holiday with my side of the family. 8 Adults and 6 kids – 4 years old and under.
It was chaotic, loud, emotional, extreme, disorganised, tiring, demanding and lots of fun!

My kids were up with the sparrows the morning of the holiday …holidays with young kids
‘When are we leaving?’
‘Can I get in the car?’
‘How much longer?’
‘Have you packed everything yet?’
‘Mum, we have gone to the toilet!’
To say the kids were excited would have been an understatement.

The first day on holiday I walked around the beach house trying to find things to do, feeling lost, not knowing what to do, consistently thinking about what I needed to do for the business, standing around staring blankly. I found it hard to relax.

Then the washing began, the feeding, the cleaning, the bedtimes, the toilets … life got busy!

So … does it ever feel like a holiday with young kids?
I must admit when my 1 year old decided that it was more fun to be awake at night and that 5am was the new 7am it did feel like it was more work being away from home.
But it was also magical.
Early morning walks on the beach, watching the kids scream with delight at jumping the waves, collecting sea shells, whale watching from the beach, building sandcastles….all these precious moments in time often only happen on holidays.

Tips so you can enjoy holidays with young kids

  • Relax your routine
    Keep your day relatively consistent to your usual routine but don’t stress if your toddler is an hour later going to be at night or sleeps in the next day.
  • Prepare dinners before you go on holiday
    We often pre-bake meals and freeze so that we aren’t wondering what to eat when we get there and then spending hours cooking and cleaning.
  • Let-go of reality
    Sometimes it is just great to forget the real world and live in a holiday bubble.
  • Pack your child’s favourite games/toys
    This will ensure you can enjoy that cup of coffee with your spouse.

“Holidays are about experience and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at that moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch” – Evelyn Glennie

While it may not have been a holiday from parenting or one that I worked on my suntan, it really was a fantastic family holiday where we loved and enjoyed each other’s company in a relaxing daily routine.

Would I rather be at home in a predictable daily pattern or be on holidays with young kids? I definitely would choose holidays with young kids every time!

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

holidays with young kids

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