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You … Poo & Modern Cloth Nappies

Posted by Micaela Owen on

Have you have been thinking or perhaps you are concerned about the smell?  the mess?  the practicality of using a modern cloth nappy when it comes to POO?

I am not going to lie … poo is a yucky bodily output that only the toilet should ever have to deal with! But we have to be realistic if your baby eats and drinks then he or she is sooner or later going to need to poo. Unfortunately, your baby is not born to take themselves to the toilet.

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It is important that you realise that your newborn will NOT be pooping like an adult. That takes time and is dependent on when you introduce solid foods.

Let’s begin our Poo lesson.

Poo can and will be different shades and consistency as your baby goes from drinking breastmilk or formula and then to eating solid foods.

The first poo you will see is called meconium and it is black, sticky and difficult to wipe off. Boy’s scrotum sacks, girl’s folds, doesn’t matter … it can be a time consuming job and a perfect one for Dad! This poo will not smell as it is made up of amniotic fluid mucus skin cells ingested in the womb.

Breastfed Poo.
For bubs that are exclusively fed breastmilk you will be dealing with a sweet smelling runny or mushy yellow or slightly green poo. This poo is by far the nicest poo to deal with.

Formula-fed Poo.
Babies who are formula fed have medioca smelling poo that is a pasty yellow brown, tan brown or even green brown.

Solid-food Poo.
Once you start feeding solid foods, typically around 6mths, your baby is on a one-way highway to the land of adult-like poo. It will be brown or dark brown in colour and still mushy. The smell can make your eyes water and can be more repugnant when feeding certain foods like meat.

The evolution of adult-like poo is a process and won’t happen overnight so rest assured you will be gradually taken through the different poo phases.

Now …You may be saying that’s great I now know all about poo but how am I supposed to deal with poo in my modern cloth nappy?
Let me tell you that there are many ways to ensure that you can and are able to deal with those smelly poos when using a modern cloth nappy.

HINT: Deal with poo in the nappy immediately, that way it is not smeared any more than it has to be.

  1. Use a nappy liner. That way any poo can be tipped into the toilet along will the liner which is biodegradeable. No mess, no fuss.
  2. Attach a hose gun to your laundry sink or toilet. Tip excess poo into the toilet and use the pressure gun to be-rid of any remaining poo.
  3. Use a bar of soap, obviously dedicated to the cause, to scrape any poo that remains on the nappy. This way you don’t have to personally touch the poo. (I actually know someone that has secretly used this method with their children and now grandchildren)
  4. Put a peg on your nose and close your eyes and hope that everything lands where it is supposed to.
  5. Take it like a champion and deal with it for the good of the team.
  6. Potty Train. This does not necessarily mean your 10mth old taking themselves to the toilet, instead letting you know that they need to do a poo and you taking them.

On the most part potty training the poo part is easier than the wee part because overtime your baby will develop a daily routine. If you really detest poo then this is the motivation to start potty training sooner rather than later.

In a perfect world Option 6 would be fantastic but I realise this isn’t for everyone.

Obviously Option 1 and 2 are the simplest, easiest and in my personal opinion the quickest way to deal with a pooey nappy.

If you can tip, flush and pressure spray or rinse all within a couple of minutes then using a BellaBott Modern Cloth nappy is very EASY!

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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