Clean washing smells bad
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Why does my clean washing smell like that?!

Picture this … You are taking your cloth nappies off the clothes line after a day in the sun and you notice this smell.

Is it … Blood and bone fertiliser? Dynamic lifter? Dog poo? Ammonia?
You sniff the nappies.Clean washing smell badYou silently condemn the neighbours for dynamic lifting their gardens as now your nappies smell.
You think nothing more of it.

Day 2. You are taking your cloth nappies off the clothes line after a day in the sun and you smell that SMELL but it is worse. Why? What? How?!

This was me. I didn’t know what was going on. I was blaming the neighbours. I was hating the smell on my nappies. I was upset that I had foul smelling laundry.

I then learned 3 things why my clean washing smell so BAD!

  1. You can use too much detergent
  2. You can use not enough detergent
  3. You can get a build-up of washing detergent (this was my issue!)

I immediately found out how to rid nappies/clothes of the build-up of washing detergent – strip washing!
Strip washing is washing nappies/clothes on a hot cycle without detergent. I usually do it twice.
It is important to not strip wash frequently as this can cause damage to certain products.

To prevent the SMELL

  • Add vinegar to the normal rinse wash cycle. Use 1tsp to ½ cup of white vinegar, depending on the size of the load.
  • Avoid highly perfumed and acidic detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners
  • Use the correct amount of washing detergent – this will depend on the size of your load, your washing machine, the water temperature
  • Rinse the nappies immediately. This ensures that the pee and poo do not set into the fabric. (I soak my nappies in a bucket ½ filled with water and a few drops of tea tree and vinegar)
  • Wash nappies regularly.

Of course, it is important to always read the washing instructions and recommendations of any nappy or piece of clothing otherwise you may void your warranties.

Goodluck on your washing adventures. May your laundry never smell like a well-maintained garden!

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.
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