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“Mama … Mum … Muum … Muuuuuuum”

It is a heart melting moment when your baby first says “ Mama ”.

All 3 of my kids said “ Mama ” before “ Dada ” … Interesting,  because each time I persisted with “ Dada ”.
I had subconsciously conceded defeat that ” Mama ” wasn’t going to be the first word said. I thought it was this unwritten rule that all babies say “ Dada ” before “ Mama ”.
How wrong could I be? … and how exciting for me!

Now as the months turn to years the cute babble of Mama has turned into a Mum …. Muum … Muuuuuuum!
If it doesn’t sound like a whinge, then my kids are usually yelling for me. Why are my kids so bad at seeking quietly?… and then the harmonies start … why would one child just yell when three can? My choir is definitely not singing a song of choice.

My husband often affectionately says “Mum’s gone mad” when the kids are on the “where’s Muuuuuuum?” rampage.

I have been wondering …
Am I the only one that stays silent while hanging out the laundry or attempting to poo in peace? Grasping at those little milli-seconds where I can hide and have a few moments of “me time”.Mama

Is it just me or have you questioned …
When do kids start looking for me rather than yelling for me?
When do kids stop whinging my name?
When do kids stop using my name like a verb?
When does my name become a noun again?

I am thinking or perhaps hoping, that all will be resolved by high school ??? … because the raising of “my little seagulls” can be draining at times.

But as I eagerly put them to bed at night – sometimes very eager –  I am so very grateful to be a Mum.  Even if I am a very tired Mum, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Anyone know the feeling?

Feel free to share as this may help someone you know.

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