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7 Frustrations We Solved In The Design of the BEST Modern Cloth Nappy

“BellaBott has come to be by following the traditional cloth nappy concept with the design and ease of disposable nappies, all while keeping it cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable”

Officially launched in 2015, it took three years to develop the concept and design of BellaBott Modern Cloth Nappies, and one of which I am proud to stand behind with confidence ... dare I say 5 kids also provides some merit behind this design!

Are you having any of these issues with your Modern Cloth Nappy?

1. Leakages
Nothing can be guaranteed.
From experience, the width of the modern cloth nappy between the legs, the fit of the modern cloth nappy around the leg and the waist and the absorbency layers rolling outside the waterproofing layer, are the causes for most leakages.

2. Fabric bulk between the legs
A child’s legs are spread with a nappy for a better part of two years. This can affect a child’s hip function and general skeletal balance and alignment. All current modern cloth nappies still have an excessive amount of fabric between the legs for absorbency reasons but that has no additional benefit…
How would you like to sit in your pooy or peed pants for a lengthy period of time?
Even if it is slightly wet, change it, it makes for a much happier baby.
Happy baby = happy parent!

3. Synthetic fabrics against my baby’s skin
There are numerous modern cloth nappies made out of synthetic fabrics because they prove to have the best ‘stay-dry feeling.’
They are not ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin. Natural fibres have far more to offer, though the quality varies and the product ranges are limited if you are looking for outstanding features.

4. All-in-1
Extremely efficient modern cloth nappy and more like a disposable. All-in-1s only work when made with synthetic materials as this reduces drying times.
Not a realistic option if you are wanting to use natural fibres against baby’s skin.

5. Pockets for absorbency layers 
Great idea but a nightmare to fold and insert perfectly – time better spent elsewhere!

6. Clipping in absorbency layers
Another wonderful idea, but an unnecessary time waster when you could personalise the placement of your absorbency layers without clips.

7. Velcro
We all love the effectiveness and efficiency, but when it comes to washing, velcro is a nightmare.
No matter how crafty you become at separating velcro, it always manages to snag some nice piece of clothing – an absolute nuisance!


Where to from here …

It is hard to know what to buy or where to even begin when it comes to modern cloth nappies.
A friend’s recommendation … of course! I was excited to buy a modern cloth nappy at a discount price, but it is only once you use a nappy that you realise what does and doesn’t work. So, I didn’t throw them out but they have a special place at my parent’s place and rarely used.

From this, I researched and challenged myself to create a modern cloth nappy that would solve the frustrations I was experiencing.

These 7 frustrations BellaBott solved to design the BEST modern cloth nappy, has now evolved into this exciting company.

Our declaration to you

BellaBott Nappies are super absorbent, snug and slimline, natural, easy to use and environmentally friendly.