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Breast Pads

BellaBott has created luxurious and absorbent reusable Breast Pads that are sure to accommodate the heaviest milk letdown that is a likely occurrence when you breastfeed.

BellaBott reusable Breast Pads are a wonderful discrete choice for protecting your sensitive nipples and an effective alternative to disposable breast pads. They can be continuously reused (washing in between use) many times over for many babies to come, reducing your carbon footprint by up to 40%.

Size & Make

With a diameter of 11cm BellaBott Reusable Breast Pads have 1 super absorbent bamboo layer (70% bamboo and 30% cotton), 2 hidden microfibre fabric layers with an external waterproofing layer ensuring milk does not wet your clothing.

How to use a breast pad

Simply insert your BellaBott Breast Pad over your nipple and inside your bra and no-one will know it is there! To wash, pop in the washing machine with your regular washing.

How often do I need to change reusable breast pads?

Breast pads should be changed every feed time especially if the breast pad is wet.
Leaving a wet breast pad inserted could allow bacteria to grow which may lead to infections or create sensitive nipples - OUCH!
Mum Brain is a real thing. Utilise our colour range to keep track of what's been used and what hasn't. If that fails, feel for damp pads indicating use and leakage.

BellaBott recommends at least 8 pairs of Reusable Breast Pads to get you through frequently breastfeeding a newborn.