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Our Story

Hi, my name is Micaela and I am the Designer and Director of BellaBott.

As a mother of 5 children (I know! I am a magician), I found I was frustrated with problems that needed to be solved when it came to modern cloth nappies. I was determined to design the best modern cloth nappy on the market.

As a first time mother in 2012, I was faced with the question…

Do I use traditional flat cloth nappies or modern cloth nappies or simply buy disposable nappies?”. 

I was brought up with my mother and grandmother using traditional flat cloth nappies and was torn between traditional principles and the modern disposable nappy convenience.

At first, I used traditional flat cloth nappies because I had the perfect teacher showing me the best folds for boys, girls and then what to do at different ages.
BUT I detested the thick bulk of fabric between my baby’s legs and started wondering why I never ended up bandy legged!

I seemed to have a cute little newborn with such a large nappied bottom and it all looked uncomfortable to me, so I began searching for something else…

The first 3 years of motherhood were spent observing and trialing many different cloth nappies, and needless to say, this was a very expensive exercise!
5 kids down, the best of the bestest relentless R&D testing conditions, countless sleepless nights, pattern and fabric tweaks, I have fine tuned and perfected a quality modern cloth nappy that will win your heart.
I am excited (and relieved) to introduce the BellaBott Nappy - the best modern cloth nappy on the Aussie market!

PS. BellaBott was named after my first born, Isabella ... excuse me while I think of four more companies to name after my kids so they all feel well loved!

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