Absorbency Booster


Do you have a heavy wetter and need additional absorbency boosting?

Choose between:
Bamboo (3 super soft bamboo absorbency layers)
Bamboo with Microfibre (1 layer of microfibre and 2 layers of bamboo)

Sized in Small, Medium or Large



Absorbency Booster Inserts

BellaBott Absorbency Booster Inserts come in 2 different styles.

  1. Traditional Bamboo Booster Inserts. 3 layers of bamboo french terry fabric (70% bamboo and 30% cotton), adding that little bit more absorbency to your cloth nappy. 
  2. Microfibre Bamboo Booster Inserts. 1 layer of microfibre fabric sewn between 2 layers of bamboo french terry fabric, giving this booster up to 80ml of extra absorbency.

Sized in small, medium and large, you can customise any BellaBott Nappy to suit your child’s needs.

Have an issue with leakages at the top of your cloth nappy?
Purchase a large absorbency booster insert, fold in half and place at the front of you cloth nappy.
Move your absorbency booster insert around your cloth nappy to ensure that you are placing it in your baby’s ‘wet zone’

BellaBott Absorbency Booster Inserts can be added to any modern cloth nappy, simply lay inside.

Other Uses

If putting synthetic fibres against your baby’s skin is not an option and using cloth nappies are not your thing, try inserting a BellaBott absorbency bamboo booster insert inside a disposable nappy.
This may just be the answer to your little ones never ending nappy rash!


Additional information

Additional information

Fabric Type

Bamboo, Bamboo with Microfibre

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