Bamboo Stretch Swaddling Wraps


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BellaBott Bamboo Swaddling Wraps are super soft, stretchy and thermo-regulating to keep baby comfortable while they sleep.

Pack of 2 Bamboo Stretch Swaddling Wraps

120cm x 120cm

Pack Includes:
1 x White Bamboo Swaddling Wrap
1 x Individually Dyed Swaddling Wrap (Colour Choice: Aqua, Dark Denim, Baby Pink)




Bamboo Swaddling Wraps

BellaBott has designed and created bamboo swaddling wraps that will be loved by You and Your Child.

These Swaddling Wraps are:

  • made with a soft knitted bamboo fabric allowing for a snug swaddle as the fabric is slightly stretchy.
  • 120cm x 120cm.
  • perfect for year-round use.
  • individually dyed, giving you a unique pattern for boys and girls.

Our beautiful bamboo wraps are thermo-regulating which helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature and promote a restful sleep for both you and your baby.

To learn more about why we choose to use bamboo click here.


Additional information

Additional information


Aqua, Dark Denim, Baby Pink