Absorbency Insert


Choose between:
Super Soft Bamboo Layers
Bamboo with Microfibre for superior absorbency

Each Absorbency Insert is folded and secured with 2 snaps.



Absorbency Inserts for Cloth Nappies

Absorbency inserts for cloth nappies are vital to the success of cloth nappies as the correct absorbency insert will help prevent leakages.

Each BellaBott Nappy comes with an absorbency insert which when folded gives you 6 layers of absorbency.

This gives the entire nappy 7 absorbency layers.

Our absorbency inserts for cloth nappies come in 2 different styles.

  1. Traditional Bamboo Absorbency Insert are made up of 400gsm bamboo french terry fabric (70% bamboo, 30% cotton) with a hidden internal suedecloth layer which guarantees that your child feels dry as it has an outstanding wicking ability.
  2. Bamboo with Microfibre Absorbency Insert have a hidden internal microfibre layer between 2 layers of bamboo fabric, giving the nappy an extra (up to) 220ml of absorbency.

BellaBott Absorbency Inserts for cloth nappies are designed to be folded and secured with 2 snap clips. This ensures that the insert does not move during nappy changing and sits inside the cloth nappy without issue.

Why do you need to purchase additional absorbency inserts? 

If you think or know that your child is a heavier wetter than purchasing additional absorbency inserts for your cloth nappies will help to reduce leakages.
Extra absorbency inserts are most commonly purchased to accommodate the extra urine when wearing a cloth nappy for the entire night.

How do you insert the extra absorbency insert into your cloth nappy? 

Your additional absorbency insert for your cloth nappy will simply stack on top of the already inserted absorbency insert that comes with every BellaBott cloth nappy.
Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Additional information


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Bamboo, Bamboo with Microfibre

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